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There is a reason they have been named the #1 premium haircare line in North America, and the fastest growing haircare line in the world! I mean, I don’t recall being able to pick up a complete haircare routine from my salon, take it home and try it for a few weeks and be totally fine with swapping it out for a different option, or even asking for my money back with a half empty bottle??? I am pretty sure my stylist would think I am crazy! But that’s what you get with this line, complete, worry free options, and with 13 shampoos to choose from, trust me, there IS something for YOUR hair!

Not sure which shampoo is right for you? As a Consultant I can provide you with the best recommendations for washing, styling and treating your hair. Just shoot me a messenger in the chat button below and I would be more than happy to help!

In this blog, I have broken down our long list of shampoos and the hair types their best known for. Find this helpful? Drop a comment below and I will create a blog on our conditioners as well! Renew- Helps increase hair brilliance, strength and vitality. It is perfect for dry, damaged, curly, thick or frizzy hair.

Revive- Designed for fine, limp, lifeless hair and on a mission to increase volume, bounce, vitality and brilliance.

Intense Repair- This shampoo has double the growth promoting capixyl ingredient. It works to reduce scalp inflammation and is an intense clean to the hair.

Black- Perfect for on the go, short hair. It also has double the growth promoting capixyl and is used by our MONAT men and some women. It smells like peppermint and is our only 2+1.

Clarifying- If you go 3-10 days between washes, you may want something that removes stubborn build-up. Helps remove mineral deposits from hard water.

Restructuring- A mild, creamy, sulfate-free corrective cleanser that rebuilds, rehydrates and fortifies hair. Plant-based keratin alternative.

Advanced Hydrating- An instant shot of longer lasting hydration because of the PatcH2O and Rejuveniqe S. Improves manageability, bounce, body and shine!

Smoothing- This is ultimate control and high protection against humidity. This is a humidity fighting hero! Smooths and softens hair cuticle.

Junior - A gentle and non-irritating shampoo that cleanses children’s hair without drying it out.

Super Nourish Oil Crème - A nourishing sulfate free oil-infused crème shampoo created specifically for dry to ultra-dry hair.

Soothing Micellar - effectively deep-cleans fine, delicate hair as it comforts a sensitive scalp.

Purifying Vinegar - Deeply cleanses, purifies, and hydrates. Infused with apple cider vinegar and potent AHAs to help break down and dissolve dead skin cells, stubborn product buildup, and environmental pollutants that cause lackluster hair.

The Champ Dry Shampoo - A waterless shampoo that absorbs oils, dirt and impurities in between washes

Pretty impressive, right? I quickly became a bit of a product junkie as I wanted to try everything, so I could provide my honest feedback to my clients.

My favorite shampoo? Besides The Champ, which is by far the best dry shampoo hands down! I love the Smoothing Shampoo, it combats the frizz from the hot and humid California climate, keeping my hair soft, manageable and super shiny!

Feel free to reach out for a personal recommendation or take my hair quiz and find out what products are best for you! HAIR QUIZ

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

No? Ever wonder what she would look like? How does one become their best self?

Only you know the answers to that, but how can you get there?

Start thinking about habits in your life right now. Do they put you in the direction of your goal to be your best?

Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating healthy? Are you drinking enough water? Are you physically active? What do your relationships look like? What do you look like? Do you take much needed mental breaks? How do you treat others? There are a lot of areas that could be thought about when choosing what your best self looks like.

Give it some thought and then choose a couple of items that you would like to work on.

And be specific.

What will you do to make them work for you? When will you work on them?

Will you fail? Probably, but it is not really failure.

You learned what did not work. How can you tweak it to make it work better?

We all have our own goals and levels of determination and “hustle” this is what I am currently working on…

1. Making my soul happy - Taking in sunrises are as equally important as catching the sunsets and giving thanks for another beautiful day. I am blessed to be able to this from some of my favorite exotic locations around the world.

2. Drinking enough water - I have a glass bottle that I take everywhere with me! I refill throughout the day and add fruits like fresh lemon slices or raspberries, to add a little flavor.

3. Meditate - Taking time to do some deep breathing to bring on calm. I need the calm amongst all the chaos life can bring us.

My dog Dexter is a great meditation buddy!

I have plenty more that I want to do, but working on making these my non-negotiables, first.

What's your non-negotiables? Drop me a comment, I would love to get to know you!

x0 - Audrey

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