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Beauty Lover

I get asked everyday,


Audrey, what's you favorite product?

My response? There's too many to list!


One of my favorites is the super nourishing shampoo and conditioner that eliminates frizz and provides the nourishment and moisture my hair needs, without weighing it down. This is my go to duo when I am traveling in countries with high humidity. 


There's over 14 Shampoo's to choose from, combatting every hair type, from thinning, over processed, frizzy, damaged, sensitive scalp, and more. Take my hair quiz below and let me customize a sample spa pack just for you


1 Berry Refined Scrub

Berry fun and easy to use facial scrub mask buffs away dull skin to reveal smoother, softer, more even-toned glow that’s sure to brighten you up.


Hair Care

Our haircare line is now the #1 premium haircare in North America and the fastest growing haircare line in the world.


Skin Care

Our skincare line, only 2 years old, has won awards and has been the most talked about skincare in 2020! Featured in Forbes & Vogue just to name a few.


Wellness Care

Our latest launch of the wellness line was the perfect complement to our clean beauty line, combatting our inner beauty.

My clients love the VIP treatment they get when they decide to make the switch to a clean, natural, vegan line. Plus, they get tons of benefits like up to 25% off their orders, free shipping, free products and my favorite…Exclusive access to the best sales every month!


When you decide to become a VIP, I become “your girl” and I can provide you with the best recommendations for all your hair and skin needs. 

Take one or all of my quizzes below, the results get sent directly to me, so I can connect with you and get some samples in your hands! 

Let's Start Here

Everyone love a good quiz, right? Take my free quizzes to help me choose the perfect products for you!

I’m a bit of a product junkie, so becoming a market partner for both the business side AND the discounts, made most sense for me! If a side hustle is not for you right now, then getting products at a discount is still an option when you join my VIP club! For only $19.95 you become a VIP for life and get tons of perks.

image4 (1).jpeg

Your VIP perks include:

Free Shipping

A free product with your order

Exclusive access to the best sales every month

Up to 25% off your purchase

Plus you can always upgrade to a Market Partner and your $19.95 enrolment fee will go towards any product pack! 

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