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Like I said, if you're not making money from your phone, you are missing out! More people are leaning towards homebased businesses now, more than ever, and I couldn't be more excited to share this opportunity with you! When joining my team, you will be mentored by some of the leaders in the #1 premium haircare line in the world. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a Beauty Guru to rock this business, just determination and the willingness to learn… I’ve got your back for the rest.

These side hustles are no longer your Mama’s MLM! No more door to door sales or home parties. You can work this business 100% from your phone. It’s an opportunity to change your life and positively impact so many people along the way.

It’s not about “if” your friend will join you. It’s about “what” business your friend will join. So why not be sure she joins you?

This opportunity which began simply for my love of the products and what they did to my hair, has grown into so much more! It’s now a full time business that I can do from anywhere, which allows me more time to do the things I love, like travel the world.

 I am excited you are here to learn more!

I can easily say I have tried nearly every high-end haircare brand on the market, but nothing has given me the results Monat has. There’s a reason why they have won so many awards and have become the fastest growing haircare line in the world. Monat has made a name for itself and has come out on top in such a competitive market. They offer clean, leaping bunny approved, anti-aging haircare, skincare and wellness products for the entire family.

I always wondered how someone could earn a car or a free trip just from working their business. I would have never that would be possible for me, until now! It’s actually super achievable and I have already been on a few free trips and counting!

This business holds one of the best compensation plans in the industry, paying out over 50% in commissions, you literally have the ability to earn an uncapped income. Friends in our Tribe are even 7-figure income earners, no joke, this business CAN change your life. 

We’re a community of dream builders and goal crushers and are always looking for opportunity seekers to join our growing tribe. If beauty combined with anti-aging and non-toxic products intrigues you, then this might just be the perfect opportunity you have been waiting for! 

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect when you say YES:

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Up to 50% in Commissions + Ranking Bonuses 


Global Expansion

Freedom to build your team & clientele from any territory we're available in!


Smart Start

A program in your first 90 days that earns you even more bonuses!


Motor Club

You can earn a Cadillac, Range Rover or Jaguar 


Online Store

Your own website and e-commerce store


Mentoring & Support

Me as your personal Mentor in addition to the amazing support & training you receive from our team

So rather than skimming over and telling yourself “you will get back to this another time” why not chat about it? Just click on my messenger in the bottom right of the page and you will be connected to me on facebook, I would love to get to know you! 


Joining us is simple, you can start your own business with all the tools and support for as little as $199. I dropped our different product pack options below for you to have a look at, but be sure to reach out to me as we have new incentives and joining options every month!


Product Pack Selection

Which Product Pack is Best For You?


Optimum Pack



Success Pack



Overachiever Pack



Essential Pack


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